Friday, June 30, 2017

Going Camping

No, I'm not really going camping.

But, I am participating in the July edition of Camp NaNoWriMo this year, since I made no effort to participate in the actual month, and it eats me up. Plus, I really need to start writing again. Life has run away with me and I've neglected doing what I really love. Hopefully, I'll get the drive to work again this month as I try to write a 50,000 word draft in 30 days.

The Build Up 

One of my favorite parts of any Nano event is the anticipation of one starting. This is probably true for a lot of people. The planners are planning, the pantsers, are well, probably not, but still gearing up. The hard part, the writing doldrums, are still far away in the future and whatever idea you have in your head to novel about is still bright and shiny with promise.

 As a veteran of many a November, I know this state won't last. The first couple of days might fly by, but writing is still work, and writing at break-neck speed can be frustrating for some. The errors, the plot holes, the lack of certainty that you're making the right decisions. It's not easy. Plus, if you have any sort of a life going on, scheduling the time to get your quota in can be tough. There is, of course, the occasional soccer mom who can write three novels in a month and get dinner on the table by five, but thankfully, these people are rare.

 I am feeling the excitement building though, which is refreshing and a relief. I really haven't had much drive for a few months. Not sure if I should chock that up to pregnancy or just life, but inspiration's been a pretty dry well for a while.

The Project

 To make things easy on myself, I chose a project I've already put a lot of thought into over the years.  I've tried to write it a couple of times, but I feel like this might be the first time I get through an entire first draft.  That's pretty much my goal.  I'd love to go over 50,000 words, or just be 50,000 words into the first draft by the end of the month.  That would be a nice chunk of novel to have under my belt.

The story is fantasy, maybe caught between high and slightly urban, about a young tailor about to inherit the family business.  Of course, it's all going to go horribly, horribly wrong.

It's also part of a series of stories I've been thinking about for about ten years, so getting the ball rolling on getting them written is pretty exciting.

To Those Starting Off...

Good luck to you guys, let's all try to finish this year!

Camp Nanowrimo Participant

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