Monday, July 17, 2017

Day Seventeen: The Acceptance of Partial Failure

I'm beginning to accept that the Camp Nano challenge may have been a bit ambitious.  I'm definitely not hitting my 50,000 word goal this month, but you know what?  That's kind of okay.  I wrote something over 2,000 words, which is more than I've written in a few months.  And, I find myself thinking about my old projects (and some new ones) and that is also something that hasn't happened in a long time.  Obviously, making my goal would have been amazing, but sometimes, you gotta take what small victories you can.

I think my next opportunity to try for the coveted 50,000 is November, which is cool.  If I'm not completely overwhelmed around that time, I'll give it another shot.  Right now, I still want to concentrate on writing something every day, be it a sentence, this blog, or 500 words of a story I'm working on.

I did recently find a cool site called Daily Science Fiction and may submit a story to them, if I can come up with one.  Sometimes, having requirements (and deadlines), like the ones in short fiction contests, can be really inspirational for me.  Deadlines seem to be particularly good for this, because I'm one of those who likes to scramble at the end, but unfortunately, deadlines I set for myself don't tend to have the same kind of gravitas as deadlines set by others.

Will update more about that as things progress.


Grace Tierney said...

I've been having a chaotic Camp NaNo too (due to circumstances beyond my control I had to change goals and projects twice this month) but just want to post and encourage you to give it another go in November. I've been doing it annually in November for ten years now (I'm an ML in Ireland) and it has been immensely good for my writing. I've seen it help loads of writers in my region in so many different ways. Hitting the 50k is amazing but just giving a month of focus to your writing is worthwhile too.

Liam Powell said...

I have attempted Nanowrimo several times but I am determined to complete my goal this year. Just started my own blog today and hope that it'll help with the focus I need to keep writing and stay on track. I'm going to be putting all my prep up on there too and it'd be great to get your thoughts on it. :D