Tuesday, September 05, 2017


This week's tool is incredibly useful to new writers and pros alike, and with a powerful free version, the price really can't be beat.


This website is a Swiss Army Knife of an editing tool.  Upload or cut and paste your work into the interface and ProWritingAid goes to work analyzing your work for grammar, spelling and diction errors.  It also does stylometry, reading ease, and will take a look at the variety of your sentence structure.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

This tool is an incredibly comprehensive one-stop-shop for self-editors.

The Facts:

Type: Website
Maker/Publisher: Chris Banks
Price: Free/$40 per year
Operating System: Windows/Mac
Year Created: 2012

What I liked most:

  • It's Got Everything: ProWritingAid hits all the sweet spots, from SPAG problems to style and diction.  It points out things I would have never noticed on my own.
  • Integration: While the online editor is pretty boss, I think it's also cool that you can use ProWritingAid with programs like Word, but also GoogleDocs.  It has a Chrome extension and the desktop program can be used with others like Scrivener and OpenOffice.
  • It Saves So Much Time: I've edited my pieces by hand, and it takes several passes to catch even half of the mistakes ProWritingAid points out in ten seconds.  It obviously still takes time to go through and make suggested changes, but much, much less than it used to take me.

What I liked least:

  • Limitations: The free version does have some limitations, these being that parts of the incredibly thorough system will only run the first 500 words of your piece unless you pay for premium.  This can be worked around, of course, but breaking a novel into 500 word chunks could take a while.

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