Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Manuscript Wishlist

This week I'm going to share a handy resource for those of us looking for agents or publishers.  This tool could really help narrow down candidates for query letters.

The Manuscript Wish List

MS Wish List tracks the MSWL hashtag on twitter.  This hashtag is used by agents and editors to indicate what kinds of manuscripts they'd be really interested in seeing more of.  You'd be amazed what comes up.  Nuns, sexy witches, M/G contemporaries about girls growing slime... it's an interesting mix.

You can search the site by agents, publishers, editors, and by subject.  When you find a match that interests you, you can easily follow a link to their Twitter account and begin researching your pitch or query.

The Facts:

Type: Website
Maker/Publisher: Jessica Sinsheimer, KK Hendin, Monica Odom, Kelsey McKim, Caitlin O'Connell, Mike Chen, Sierra Godfrey Fong
Price: Free!
Year Created: 2004

What I liked most:

  • List Searches:  You can search for agents, editors and publishers, or you can search by genre or even key word.
  • Live Twitter Sidebar:  There's a live listing of #MSWL in the sidebar, keeping you updated on what agents and publishers are on the lookout for.
  • Active Agents and Publishers:  Professionals on the lookout for manuscripts can get profiles on the site and update them with new listings, making it even easier to target those queries.

What I liked least:

Really, the only way this site could get any better would be even more listings, which has nothing to do with the site itself.  Short of actually generating query letters for your writing (which would probably be terrible), I don't know how this site could be more useful to a writer looking for an agent or publisher.

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    Grace Tierney said...

    I never heard of this tool so thanks for sharing!