Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Just in time for Nanowrimo, today's tool is a free text editor with almost no bells or whistles for those of us who are easily distracted.

The Facts:

Type: Software
Maker/Publisher: SpaceJock Software
Price: Free!
Operating System: Windows, Mac OS, Linux


yEdit2 is a small text editor with almost no extras.  It offers auto-backups and a word count that counts down, rather than up.  It also offers password protected encryption.

When I say "no bells or whistles," I mean it.  yEdit does not have grammar or spell check, but its files can easily be imported into other SpaceJock programs like yWriter, which can help you organize you novel.  You can't adjust things like font or even font size.

Your word count and word count target can easily be adjusted though a drop down menu, which is just perfect for Nano writers.

Unfortunately, the software hasn't been updated in a while, but it still runs pretty well in Windows 10.

There's also an android app.

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