Tuesday, July 24, 2018

One Last Tools Tuesday - Crowdfire

Here lies the last Tools Tuesday.  So it is, so shall it be.

Anyway, I found something so useful, I just had to dig this particular category out of the ash pile of progress.


Crowdfire is probably one of the most useful tools out there for an independent creator out there.  I don't care if you write, sculpt, paint, put on radio plays, create dioramas inside shoe boxes, whatever.

Let's Break Down What It Does

Okay, so, you're a creator.  You've got an online presence, right?  You've probably got a Facebook page, an Instagram account, maybe you're also on Twitter, or Linked In or Pinterest.  That is a lot of social media to juggle, particularly if your real goal is to make art.  You don't want to spend all day posting about what you're doing, meanwhile neglecting work and well, life.

Crowdfire is going to save you a lot of time by getting you organized and helping you schedule all of those shenanigans.

It allows you to connect all of your social media accounts

Just hook up everything you've got, and Crowdfire allows you to post across all them.  Want to boost a friend's signal?  Post on Twitter, FB, Instagram, what have you, all at the press of a button.  You can even tweak your messages for each platform before you send everything out.

You can even attach the platforms where you post your work.  Youtube, Twitch and Blogger are just a few, and it makes it incredibly easy to share your content.

Set it and forget it

Another way Crowdfire is a massive time saver is that you can schedule all of your posts ahead of time and it will automatically send stuff for you.  You can decide how many posts you want it to make a day (the basic setting is two per platform), and you can pile up a pretty big number of posts before you hit a pay wall.  I have my Twitter and FB accounts hooked up and I can queue about 40 posts for free.  That's ten days worth of queued content.

It just knows...

When is the best time to post something on FB?  When are you going to get the highest traffic on Twitter?  Crowdfire knows, and you can set it to post your updates at all the best times.  I've seen a serious increase in engagement since I started letting it determine the best times to post.

Running out of ideas?

When you sign up, Crowdfire asks about your interests.  It then crawls the web looking for relevant content for you to share from a number of different sources, which you can customize.  It provides a huge list of articles you can use to fill up your queue and keep your audience engaged with when you don't have anything to say yourself.  This can be a total life saver when trying to keep a regular posting schedule going.

It keeps track!

Crowdfire will also keep track of your post engagement, how many followers you get and how many you lose.  You'll get a digest in your email about your social media activity. 

Another sneaky-awesome feature, is that you can check out other users follower lists.  Let's say you write books, and you know another author who writes in the same genre.  You can see who their followers are and follow them to get follow-backs, or see what they're talking about.


I can't express how much time and energy Crowdfire has been saving me.  I use it enough I'm thinking about upgrading to the subscription service, which allows you to connect and post to multiple accounts on each platform and provides enhanced tracking and content tools.

Please, check it out if you're feeling overwhelmed by the whole marketing/social media aspect of being an independent creative.  It will be a big weight off your shoulders, and even the free version is incredibly powerful.

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