The Frozen Embrace

Caught up in a deadly coup, Princess Ashe is left injured and alone in a winter wilderness. Enlisting the help of a solitary poacher and his wolf companion, she finds herself in a race against time to reach her family before the bloodthirsty assassins.

Desperate to cross a frozen mountain, she makes a deal with an ancient magical being she may live to regret.

Will Ash be able to tackle the wilds and her new powers? Will she manage to outsmart the monster who gave them, or it will it claim something precious in return?

Find out in The Frozen Embrace, a fantastical story about survival, magic and adventure.

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Urban Fantasy

Cthulhu's Car Park - Third Shift #1


There's something creeping around in the basement. And it has tentacles.

Sam's job as a parking attendant has always been boring. Until now. 

A hole straight to hell has opened up and evil lurks in the shadows of the garage. When management fails to help, Sam turns to her friends and coworkers.

But, can a handful of burned out employees save a city? Will Sam discover the secret of the parking garage without getting fired, or will she die trying?

Find out in... Cthulhu's Car Park.

This horror novella contains strong language and some violence. Also, slime. Lots of slime.

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Last Cull - Third Shift #2


Sam's job sucks. And it's about to get worse.

After witnessing a bloody assault, parking attendant Sam is drawn into a world she never knew existed; a world of secrets and darkness. A world of vampires. 

A threat lurks on the horizon for those bent on keeping peace between the living and the living dead.

Just when Sam thought she was done with monsters, something new is coming, and even worse, John, the cowardly magician is back in town. 

Can she find the source of this new violence? Will her friends save the city’s nightlife, or will they become a part of it?

Find out in… Last Cull, the exciting sequel to Cthulhu's Car Park.

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Tanisha: Tales of Courage from Beyond the Apocalypse

She's homeless, broke, and struggling to make ends meet. Must be the perfect time for a zombie apocalypse.

Tanisha is in college, just trying to get by. Her little brother and grandmother live far away, and she looks forward to the day when they can all be together again.

But when her grandmother falls gravely ill, Tanisha's thrown into the journey of her life.

It just seems like a normal flu...until the dead start waking up.


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When They Turn - The Miller Massacre


Debbie didn't exactly have a life other women would die for, and now it might kill her.

When a group of housewives find themselves stranded in the suburbs and surrounded by inhuman monsters, there's only one thing to do: fight their way out.

Armed with only what they can find, the women must face down threats from all sides, including their own friends and husbands. Their quiet, picturesque neighborhood is never going to be the same.

Set against the backdrop of the red scare and the atomic 50's, When They Turn is a grisly story of brutality, murder and survival that'll keep you on the edge of your seat.

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