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Debbie didn't exactly have a life other women would die for, and now it might kill her.
When a group of housewives find themselves stranded in the suburbs and surrounded by inhuman monsters, there's only one thing to do: fight their way out.
Armed with only what they can find, the women must face down threats from all sides, including their own friends and husbands. Their quiet, picturesque neighborhood is never going to be the same.
Set against the backdrop of the red scare and the atomic 50's, When They Turn is a grisly story of brutality, murder and survival that'll keep you on the edge of your seat.


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The Third Shift: Collected Edition

Book One


Urban Fantasy

Sam's job has always been a nightmare, but when actual monsters begin to appear, it's not just the boredom that's deadly.

In Cthulhu's Car Park, Sam faces off against an ancient evil buried beneath her feet. In Last Cull, she and her friends find themselves caught up in a secret vampire civil war, threatening to tear their city apart. In Dawn of the Brain-Dead, the gang finds themselves lost in a sea of zombie football fans.

Catch all the thrills, chills, and spills with The Third Shift: The Collected Edition.

Book Two

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Book Three

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Want something spooky?

Sam Dejardin has always had a terrible job, but the paranormal is more than she signed up for.  The Third Shift series contains vampires, ghosts, zombies, horrible customers and clueless managers.

Want a taste?  You can download a free short story set in the world of the Third Shift to get you started!

On-Going Series


The Frozen Embrace

(The Books of Theress: Volume One)

Caught up in a deadly coup, Princess Ashe is left injured and alone in a winter wilderness. Enlisting the help of a solitary poacher and his wolf companion, she finds herself in a race against time to reach her family before the bloodthirsty assassins.

Desperate to cross a frozen mountain, she makes a deal with an ancient magical being she may live to regret.

Will Ash be able to tackle the wilds and her new powers? Will she manage to outsmart the monster who gave them, or it will it claim something precious in return?

Find out in The Frozen Embrace, a fantastical story about survival, magic and adventure.

Rumble in Red Rock

(The Journey of San: Book One)

Complex problems sometimes call for simple solutions.


A gang war of epic proportions rages in the Martian dome town of Red Rock. Two families, once friendly, now fight it out in the streets, destroying everything in their paths. The corrupt police do nothing to halt the conflict.


When a mysterious stranger appears on the scene, she offers a solution to the threatened townspeople—pay her, and she'll eliminate both families. But can this young woman single-handedly defeat two crime syndicates, all armed to the teeth?


Rumble in Red Rock: a space western with Japanese flavor, hearkening back to the heady days of Cowboy Bebop.


Looking for Sci-Fi?

The settlers of B-19 have a space pirate problem.  Enter a mysterious stranger, offering a solution.  Will the struggling colony overcome the intergalactic threat? 


Find out in The Battle for B-19!

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