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Falling for Felldown Farm

When Irisa Thorne's life implodes in the city, she moves out to her grandfather's old farm in the country to try to start again. But the farm is known locally as "Felldown Farm," and for good reason. The fields are overgrown with weeds and the house is crumbling away. Irisa realizes she has her work cut out for her and begins to make the farm her own. On her first night in the ruins of the old farm house, she is visited by a mysterious presence, interrupted only by the arrival of Char, a local woodcutter who sometimes stopped by to shelter from the rain.

When Char's sister, Delia, gets it into her head to throw these two together, sparks fly. However, the two are both pretty stubborn and their respective, damaging pasts threaten to keep them from finding happiness.

Young woman laying in the grass looking at the sky

Falling for Felldown Farm is a low-stakes fantasy romance. That means:

  • Fantastical creatures

  • Magic

  • Cozy settings

  • Delicious food and drink

  • Smaller problems with more personal solutions

  • A love story with a happy ending

eBook and paperback of Falling for Felldown Farm

I'm having a great time with this project, particularly with Char's sister, Delia and her husband Agoust. Delia and Agoust live in a big house outside Thistlebrook Village with their six kids. Delia is a master craftswoman, constructing and carving wooden furniture and is massively in demand and her husband is the chair of theoretical magic at the magical university in the capital. They are kind of the local it couple.

Really, I just wanted to depict a woman with a big personality in a healthy, established relationship. The book isn't about her, but Delia is definitely going to be a thread that runs through this series of stand-alone novels.

Track My Progress

I'm trying to work on this book every day, and to help me, I have a plan! You can follow my story progress on this chart. I need to do almost 1,000 words a day, but sometimes I've managed much more than that. Am I going to make my deadline? Let's find out!

The Kickstarter

I'm launching this book in Kickstarter because I'm planning on putting it in the Kindle Unlimited library. I know plenty of people aren't subscribed and some don't even want to purchase books from Amazon, so I'm creating an opportunity for them. I'm also releasing early-bird copies of the paperback that way. Copies can be obtained a month before they're going to hit stores. If this goes well, I'm going to keep doing it for the rest of the series, which is also going to be locked into exclusivity for what might be years. You can also get a physical and digital copy if you don't want to wait for shipping.

Falling for Felldown Farm launch announcement for June 1st

The project is going to launch on June 1st and run through June 14th. You can follow it now to receive updates directly from Kickstarter.

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